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Dr. Inés González

Postdoctoral Research fellow (Xunta de Galicia)
Publicacions (seleccionadas): 
  1. Viana IG, Bode A, Fernández C. 2015. Ecology of Fucus vesiculosus (Phaeophyceae) at its southern distributional limit: growth and production of early developmental stages. Eur J Phycol 50, 247-259
  2. Viana IG, Bode A. 2015. Variability in δ15N of intertidal brown algae along a salinity gradient: Differential impact of nitrogen sources. Sci Total Environ 512, 167-176
  3. Viana IG, Valiela I, Martinetto P, Monteiro Pierce R, Fox SE. 2015. Isotopic studies in Pacific Panama mangrove estuaries reveal lack of effect of watershed deforestation on food webs. Mar Environ Res 103, 95-102
  4. Carballeira C, De Orte MR, Viana IG, Carballeira A. 2012. Implementation of a minimal set of biological tests to assess the ecotoxic effects of effluents from land-based marine fish farms. Ecotox Environ Safe 78, 148-161
  5. Viana IG, Aboal JR, Fernández JA, Real C, Villares R, Carballeira A. 2010. Use of macroalgae stored in an Environmental Specimen Bank for application of some European Framework Directives. Water Res 44, 1713-1724

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