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This web page is the point of public access to spatial data infrastructure (SDI) of the Group of Ecotoxicology of the University of Vigo, in the public information that is related to the pollution developed and compiled by the group, mainly in the coasts of Galicia, although not exclusively. The information is available for your visualization, query, and download via the web or using any GIS desktop.

The available data will grow as you go by incorporating new information to the databases of the group.

The services currently available are:

See and interact with data published by the group in a viewer via the web on the orthophoto PNOA (2007-2008), the OpenStreetMap layer or Google image Satellite.

  • Access the metadata catalog based in Geonetwork to search for the information published by the group.
  • Add external mapping services (WMS) of other administrations or producers of digital mapping.
  • Access to group data through GIS software through WMS and WFS standards
  • Download the digital mapping in various vector formats (GML, KML and Shapefile).

The main objective of the GeoWeb group is to be useful to users who use it, so it will be welcome any inquiry or suggestion in the direction


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