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LAnd Based solutions for PLAstics in the Sea Kick-oFF Meeting

The online LABPLAS kick-off meeting took place on 23rd June 2021 with 59 participants. All 17 partners in the consortium were present at the kick-off meeting. The LABPLAS partners reviewed all work packages and discussed the agreed milestones and deliverables.

LABPLAS project start-up

The digital bulletin of the University of Vigo, duvi, echoes the start of the European project LABPLAS that, led by UVigo, will track the origin of the plastic present in the environment with the ultimate goal of "reducing the entry of plastics into the environment" . The field work will be carried out in the North Sea, the Elbe (Germany) and Thames (England) rivers and around the Cecebre reservoir (Galicia).

3rd GLAUKOS project meeting

The third GLAUKOS general project meeting took place (hybrid mode) last 16 and 17th of June, also the month in which the project reaches its first year. 

The meeting was very dynamic and we shared progress and promising early results, that will allow us to be on track with objectives. Below are the faces of the amazing team behind GLAUKOS:

... work and enjoyment in equal parts:

Results of the selection process. Project Manager for LABPLAS-Ecotox

List of interviewed candidates, selected candidate and waiting list:

(selected) CGS

Waiting list:

  1. BCN
  2. LF
  3. PSG
  4. SRR

Evaluated aspects and score (Fair: 1; Good: 2; Excellent: 3): 

i. Previous experience in research management in international environments

ii. Communication skills: fluency in oral English, analysis, order, maturity

Professor Beiras at the forthcoming Virtual Polymers-2021 conference

Ricardo Beiras, principal investigator and leader of the ECOTOX research group, will participate as guest speaker at the "3rd Virtual Edition of Polymers, Plastics and Composites" (Virtual Polymers-2021).

Virtual Polymers-2021 will take place on May 11-12, 2021 and the intervention of prof. Beiras will focus, among others, on one of the latest articles published by ECOTOX, entitled "Aquatic toxicity of chemically defined microplastics can be explained by functional additives".

New publication by Laura Emilia Fernández, Predoctoral Researcher at ECOTOX

"Vitellogenin gene expression in marine mussels exposed to ethinylestradiol: no induction at the transcriptional level"

Journal: Marine Environmental Research

Author (s): Laura Emilia Fernández-González, Paula Sánchez-Marín, Camino Gestal, Ricardo Beiras and Angel P. Díz

Publication date: available online March 26, 2021


"Deciphering the future of biodegradable materials for marine applications"

Professor Ricardo Beiras (ECOTOX's Principal Researcher) participated on March 23rd in the virtual event "Deciphering the future of biodegradable materials for marine applications", organized by AZTI scientific and technological center, with the presentation entitled "Are biopolymers the remedy for the plastics disease? Considerations from marine ecotoxicology. "

2nd GLAUKOS project meeting

The second GLAUKOS project meeting  (virtual event) took place on the 25th and 26th of November 2020, the CIM-UVigo is represented in this consortium by the ECOTOX research team:

 ► The project activities are on track

► The partnership is well aligned

► The objectives are very ambitious.

What do we miss?  A live meeting to finally meet in person our great consortium!

Research Technician for GLAUKOS-Ecotox. Results of the selection process

List of finalist candidates interviewed, selected candidate and waiting list:

(selected) Micael Vidal Mañá

Waiting list:
1º Carlos Alvarez Belín
2º Yonatan Castro Cambre
3º Jose Manuel Antelo Romero

Vigo, 16th of November 2020


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