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ECOTOX is a research team in Ecotoxicology and Marine Pollution at the University of Vigo, staffed by a dedicated team of scientists with a wide range of experience in all types of ecotoxicology studies, belonging to the Faculty of Marine Sciences.

We focus on the assessment of marine pollution in coastal ecosystems with a view at mitigating those with significant threat to their ecological integrity, and providing solid scientific bases to develop environmental criteria and standards for the protection of marine ecosystems.

We operate in the framework of projects funded by public organisations (European Union, Spanish and Galician) with environmental responsibilities, as well as contracts with public and private entities. Our research activity has generated 12 doctoral thesis, more than 130 scientific publications and 50 research contracts with public and private entities.

ECOTOX facilities include  laboratories at the University Campus and the Marine Science Station (ECIMAT), belonging to the European ERIC EMBRC.



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